Artec Hands-on Lab 2-Way Car Circuit Kit

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Artec Programmable 2-Way Car Circuit Kit is a kit for individual assembly that helps to create a series of simple vehicles and learn the basics of electricity and mechanisms. This kit serves to make a motor car, a propeller car, or a small bulb and help young learners discover how things work in a fun way.

Usage Guidelines

The vehicles and the small bulb are to be assembled according to the user guide provided. You can learn the basic rules of electricity, how cars work and shat is the difference between parallel and series circuits.


  • Power source: 1.5V AA batteries (2 pcs. not included).
  • Create 2 types of cars or a small bulb.
  • Learn the difference between parallel and series circuits.
  • Incluye manual detallado con ilustraciones (en inglés).
  • Idóneo para aprender los principios STEM (ciencias, tecnologías, ingeniería, matemáticas).

Technical specifications

Material plastic
Power AA batteries (2 pcs.)
Package size 225 × 165 × 60 mm
Package weight 0,174 kg
Age 8+ years

Package contents

  • Construction kit:
    • Car Body — 1 pc.
    • Propeller — 1 pc.
    • Wheels — 3 pcs.
    • Wheel (with attached pulley) — 1 pc.
    • Connector plug — 6 pcs.
    • Propeller clasp — 1 pc.
    • Pulley — 1 pc.
    • Motor holder — 1 pc.
    • Motor platform — 1 pc.
    • Support brace — 1 pc.
    • Coated wire — 1 pc.
    • Rubber band — 2 pcs.
    • Battery clips — 6 pcs.
    • Miniature bulb (with socket) — 1 pc.
    • Motor — 1 pc.
    • Axles — 2 pcs.
  • User guide — 1 pc.

Required Accessories

To assemble and use this model you will need the following (not included in the package):

  • AA batteries – 2 pcs.


  • Física





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